Thursday, May 22, 2008

Champions Of Europe Once More

Its been a long time coming, but watching the match last night felt so much like 1999 all over again. Such was the drama that I thought we'd lost it after Ronaldo tried to be cheeky with his penalty and missed. Thank you John Terry!

At least we did the double with the EPL title and CL title, though I thought we could've repeated the treble if we'd played better against Portsmouth in the FA Cup.

Still I thought the way we won the 1999 Champions League trophy is unsurpassed.

Sometimes, all you need is belief.

Glory glory Man United!!!!


And to top things off, we ended our futsal losing streak by holding ICAP to a 5-5 draw! I'm so happy because we only had 6 guys (which means 1 sub) to play with and we actually survived a very rough game (almost fight yet again!)

Go Saxo go!

Now I have a sore ankle (as usual) and a grazed knee (freshly grazed) yet again. :(

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